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Cougars Pack the Rankin for Home Opener

Cougars Pack the Rankin for Home Opener

November 30, 2018 - Sault College Cougars ACHA Division 3 (13-2-1-0) vs. Oakland University Grizzlies ACHA Division 3  (7-6-0-1) 

Cougars Pack the Rankin for Home Opener

After the U.S. Thanksgiving break, the Cougars remain ranked #2 and the Grizzlies 7th within the ACHA Division 3 North Region rankings.

After 15 games on the road since September, the Cougars Head Coach Mike Hall said his squad was extremely ready to show their home crowd what they can do.

The Cougars came out hard in the first period and were rewarded with 3 unanswered goals from Ryan Vendramin, Nathan Curley, and Austin Rowe with one on the power play.  With 7 minor penalties in the period, the tone was set for the rest of the game.  The shots during the first period were 16-5 for the Cougars.

The second period continued with 5 more minor penalties with no special team goals to account for.  The cougars added 4 more goals in the period from Max Khull, Brad Thrower, Jamie Kamzol and Kaelan O'Flynn.  The Grizzlies Cortlin Marcinkowski was able to get on the scoreboard near the end of the period.  Shots during the second period were 18-13 in favour of the Cougars.

Andrew Barbeau started the 3rd period with a power play goal as the Grizzlies James Koonce served a roughing penalty.  Steve Lauro from the Grizzlies scored at the 17:35 mark to keep the Grizzlies going in the 3rdRyan Vendramin and Jason Uhl added 1 more goal each before the end of the game which also resulted in a few Misconducts being issued.  The shots during the third period were 12-11 for the Cougars.

First Period Scoring:

Cougars – 15:10 – Ryan Vendramin (G), Max Khull (A), Austin Rowe (A)

Cougars – 3:26 – Nathan Curley (G), Nicholas Nigro (A)

Cougars – 2:11 – Austin Rowe (G), Ryan Vendramin (A) (PP)

Second Period Scoring:

Cougars – 11:00 – Max Khull (G), Unassisted

Cougars – 10:41 – Brad Thrower (G), Bryceton Lalonde (A)

Grizzlies – 6:56 – Cortlin Marcinkowski (G), Richard Metz (A)

Cougars – 5:02 – Jamie Kamzol (G), Unassisted

Cougars – 3:58 – Kaelan O'Flynn (G), Nathan Curley (A), Jake Lewis (A)

Third Period Scoring:

Cougars – 19:40 – Andrew Barbeau (G), Ryan Vendramin (A) (PP)

Grizzlies – 17:35 – Steve Lauro (G), Cale Dension (A), Eric Woolf (A)

Cougars – 9:35 – Ryan Vendramin (G), Kaelan O'Flynn (A), Andrew Trowbridge (A)

Cougars – 7:58 – Jason Uhl (G), Andrew Barbeau (A), Mark Tassone (A)


Shots on Goal:

Cougars 46 – Grizzlies 29

Final Score:

Cougars 10 – Grizzlies 2


Cougars finish weekend series with a win

Ryan Vendramin's line set the tone of the game early with a couple of goals within the first 5 minutes of the game to put the Grizzlies on their heels.  The rest of the period continued with 3 additional goals from Anthony Pullicino, Andrew Barbeau and Austin Rowe for a 5-0 lead after 20 minutes.

Justin Ryyppo of the Cougars started the period with a goal which was answered by one of the Grizzlies top players Eric Woolf, 2 minutes later.  Ryan Vendramin added one more goal for the period to secure a hat trick.

The Grizzlies continued to battle throughout the 3rd period but couldn't get any shots past Cougars goalie Drew Gregory.  Veteran goalie Austin McArdle from the Grizzlies also turned in a strong performance after coming into the game in the 2nd period.  The Cougars added 2 more goals from Andrew Barbeau and Austin Rowe to close out the game with a 9-1 win.

First Period Scoring:

Cougars – 18:56 – Ryan Vendramin (G), Anthony Pullicino (A), Mark Tassone (A)

Cougars – 15:30 – Ryan Vendramin (G), Max Khull (A), Austin Rowe (A)

Cougars – 13:39 – Anthony Pullicino (G), Jamie Kamzol (A)

Cougars – 8:00 – Andrew Barbeau (G), Jason Uhl (A), Kaelan O'Flynn (A)

Cougars – 2:14 – Austin Rowe (G), Max Khull (A), Ryan Vendramin (A) (PP)

Second Period Scoring:

Cougars – 19:03 – Justin Ryyppo (G), Andrew Barbeau (A) (PP)

Grizzlies – 17:28 – Eric Woolf (G), Trevor Beaufait (A), Kenneth Kasper (A) (SH)

Cougars – 15:15 – Ryan Vendramin (G), Nathan Curley (A), Kaelan O'Flynn (A)

Third Period Scoring:

Cougars – 7:05 – Andrew Barbeau (G), Mark Tassone (A), Anthony Pullicino (A)

Cougars – 0:37 – Austin Rowe (G), Unassisted


Final Score:

Cougars 9 – Grizzlies 1