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Student Athlete Forms

These are the requirements are for all varsity team members to complete. You must complete these forms/sessions to be eligible to play on a team.

1. You must first complete the Athlete Registration Form Click HERE to open this form.  Please print and return to Athletics Department

2. You must also complete the medical form in blue or black pen (Click HERE).  Medical forms must be completed and cleared by the Certified Athletic Therapist prior to particitpation with the team.  Please print and return to Athletics Department. 

3. Mandatory CCES Drug Education Online Seminar will be administrated by the Athletics Department. You will receive a certificate at the end of the seminar. Please print and return to Athletics Department. To access the 2019 Course Instructions, Click HERE

4. Rowan’s Law Consent form (Student-AthleteCoaches) and Video


For OCAA Eligibility Guidelines, click here